Your first fitting will involve taking measurements and deciding how you’d like your new chair to feel and fit. Any specific adaptions you require, and geometry configurations will be discussed and considered. Once we have decided on the measurements, we build you your chair up to the “second fitting” stage. Footplate, strapping points, and any other custom features to get the perfect fit will be left out until you come and sit in the chair and make sure you happy with everything and this is where we fine tune the fitting to make sure it’s a perfect fit. The footplate will be added where its best for you, side guards can be tweaked to make sure they hold you in properly, and other adaptions can be fitted to fully tune the fit.

Once your chair is fitted and you are happy, it gets sent to be professionally fully solution heat treated, where the aluminium and welding is all de-stressed and hardened to it’s strongest state, T6. This process is the most important of all, as it’s what makes the frames so tough and durable. A test sample and certificate of conformity is issued to us with every batch of frames we treat.

Fully made to measure wheelchairs. Guide price of £3500, this includes Spinergy SLX wheels, leather cornered upholstery, air lite cushion and back rest, and paint of your choice.